Please give generously to the CMHA as we work toward our vision of "Mental health for all", we rely on financial support from individuals, foundations, government and the corporate sector.
By making a donation today, you can help ensure that the CMHA continues to uphold our mission of promoting and improving mental health in our community by delivering community-based programs and services. We are the only charitable organization in Canada dedicated exclusively to this mission.
Mental health is as important as physical health to our overall well-being,
yet it continues to be low on the list of health priorities among the people of Canada.
One in five Canadians will have some form of mental illness at some time in their lives.
It is very likely that you, a friend, a colleague or a family member may
benefit someday from our work.
Millions of people in this depend on our work,
and we want to be there to help when we are needed.
That's why your support is so critical.

Thank you for considering the Canadian Mental Health Association
as one of the charities that you support.



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